Lola…by Lola

Lola Jaye was born in London. Hardly a genius child, she did manage to complete a BSC Degree in Psychology at the University of East London, before completing a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling at Regents College. She currently works part time as a counsellor/psychotherapist in the UK and sometimes writes books.


Lola’s passion for writing began around the age of ten, crafting a weekly series of stories written in the solitude of a top floor bedroom. Her first compelling ‘serial’ was called Karen and Terry. A thrilling account of the life’s and loves of two girls – boyfriends, hanging around and…. boyfriends.

It was a few years later and after completing a really long research thesis for her Masters Degree that Lola realised she could actually write more than a thousand words. The thesis was on Cross Cultural Psychotherapy and Counselling (a good and fascinating read actually) with a 20,000 word content. So it was after this she embarked on writing a novel which will probably never see the light of day (thankfully).

Moving on.

By the Time You Read This…was Lola’s first published novel in the USA and UK. Followed by a self help Quick Read called Reaching for the Stars… How to Make your Dreams Come True and another novel; While You Were Dreaming (available in the UK and online).

Lola’s books have been published in the UK, USA, Germany, Serbia and Korea.

The Interview

Oh okay, Lola – just for you. I like to write about relationships. Not just about men and women, but between families. While You Were Dreaming, focuses on sisters. By The Time You Read This… on the bond between a father and his daughter. My latest novel Being Lara, although focusing on the relationship between mothers and a daughter… the story ultimately see’s Lara, the main character, find and accept a relationship with herself. Confused…? Read the book (please?).

On weekends and days off from The Day Job, I’m not happy unless I’ve done at least four hours of writing work a day. My head gets all mushy and my eyes become all blurry by about hour five though, so I’m less likely to plough through over that, unless I’m on a deadline. Beside me, should be a tall glass of water or cola (with ice) and discarded nails from having bitten them so much (disgusting, I know).
In between the writing, I take regular breaks to have a snack and erm….. watch taped programs such as the odd reality show or soap. They actually aid the creative process. No, seriously!

Can’t remember where I heard this, but it sums it up: ‘Success is 1% motivation and 99% perspiration.’

Okay, the lovely Will Smith once said something in an interview in 2004; ‘Don’t let your successes go to your head, don’t let your failures go to your heart’. Says it all really and I totally agree with him. In fact I agree with a lot of what Mr. Smith has to say I admire him a lot.

Oh the list is endless and for so many different reasons. Barack and Michelle Obama, Will Smith (of course) Nelson Mandela, Quincy Jones for his AMAZING contribution to music, Simon Cowell (sometimes), Burt Bacharach for his amazing songwriting skills… and… look, we’ll be here all day Lola, so can I stop?

My journey didn’t happen overnight as told in my book; Reaching for the Stars – How to Make your Dreams Come True. I promise you, it’s all in there! Plus I have posted a few words of wisdom from some amazing published authors, here. Also, read my first blog as an unpublished author, which documents the lows and incredible highs!

I don’t have many. Just madagascan vanilla bean dairy ice cream, Nanny’s fairy cakes, Konditer & Cook  salted caramel brownies, Tabouleh (with all the trimmings but only from that one store in Atlanta Georgia), Toffee and vanilla malted milkshake, Mum’s oxtail in fresh obe atta, Marabou chocolate circles (I can’t find them anymore!) and Vanilla cheesecake from Junior’s in Brooklyn.

So many books so little time. Find out what they are, here.

Handbags. Any size. Any colour. Anywhere. My weakness. I have been known to stand in the supermarket queue just DROOLING at a beautifully crafted calfskin number. That’s me.

The person in front of you in the supermarket queue buying a lone Swede. Still irritates. Always will. Not sure why.

Readers telling you that your book made them laugh and/or cry. The emails I receive can come from all corners of the world. I’ve even received some from The Cook Islands, Cambodia, New Zealand… it’s amazing that I am able to reach people so far and in such a positive way. It’s a blessing. To be honest, I still can’t believe people read my book in the first place.

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